Superhero Cape Pattern, NO SEW Costume, Instant Download Pattern

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Delight your little superhero and your time management calendar with these super easy, super fun, superhero capes! 

This pattern is an instant download you will receive upon purchase.

These superhero capes are made with inexpensive t-shirts! What a great idea! But, they are extra special and extra imaginative!! The included applique designs dress up an ordinary t-shirt and turn it into an extraordinary imaginative play toy. There are a LOT of great applique designs included, and there are THREE alphabet sets you can use to personalize your superhero capes. Small upper case letters for complete names, lower case medium letters, and large, 5" letters for big, bold initials! All of these applique patterns can be used on superhero capes or other projects like tote bags, t-shirts, pillow cases, towels, the list is endless! Just imagine, beach towels with your kids names on them (great for swimming lessons!), t-shirts to match the superhero capes, personalized canvas tote bags! All kinds of fun! The applique designs are suitable for boys AND girls!

Here is a list of the applique designs that are included with this pattern:

2 alphabet fonts, one small (uppercase) and one jumbo (upper and lower case). ( Lightning bolt

Circle, star, flower

2 different Princess tiaras!

Skull and crossbones


Two shield patterns (one is similar to a policeman's shield, one is a curved knight's shield)

Shield pattern similar to the Superman logo shaped shield (sorry, no Superman or other copyrighted/trademarked images! I prefer to use my own imagination, not someone elses!)

Castle outline

These superhero capes are not only adorable, they are really, REALLY fast and easy to make. This is a 20 minute project, tops! Use this pattern for gifts, for fun, for BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORS! You will be the most popular mom on the block!

This pattern uses a t-shirt to create the cape. The neck of the t-shirt forms the top of the cape, so kids just pull it over their heads and away they go! No snaps, no velcro, no ties! If you prefer to sew your applique designs, there are instructions for sewing the designs within the pattern as well.

Please note:  This pattern contains original artwork that is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on items of any type for sale or redistribution of any kind. Please be aware that the purchase of this pattern represents a contractual agreement that you will not use this pattern, or any portion of this pattern, to make your own items for sale.

Thank you for looking!

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