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Welcome to The Playhouse Kid! 

Children are naturally drawn to the art of make believe. At The Playhouse Kid, our toys are lovingly handmade to fuel your child's creativity and imagination. We believe in creating toys to inspire imaginative play that you and your children will remember and treasure for years to come.

Something magical happens when a child sees a beautifully made teepee or playhouse. Their eyes light up and their smiles appear! "Wow, look at that cool little house".  "Wow, that's a great teepee!"  You can almost see their imaginations come to life.

"Let's play house! You be the mom, I'll be the Dad!" "Let's play castle! You be the princess, I'll be the prince!" Sound familiar? If you have children, you probably hear these things all the time. These conversations are among the happiest memories I have of my kids!

Children are naturally drawn to the magical art of make believe. But, did you know it's more than just fun? Creating a make believe space, playing dress up, and reenacting stories can play key roles in child development. My playhouses, teepees, and toys encourage your child to dream and imagine and grow through play.

Nearly 20 years ago, when my nieces were young, I designed and created my popular Little Red Playhouse. Now, my beloved hobby is my full time job. I started selling on Etsy in 2008.  Now, my team and I work in my studio every day, creating a world filled with wonder for my kids and for your kids.

Our teepees are free from harmful toxins and dyes and contain no flame retardants.  They are cut and sewn in our small Wisconsin sewing studio with exceptional attention to quality, safety and design, using 100% cotton canvas fabric or home decor fabric that is manufactured in the USA.  The canvas teepees are made with 100% cotton canvas from cotton that is grown and milled in the USA.  The home decor fabrics (stripes, polka dots, patterns, etc.) are purchased from an environmentally friendly US fabric manufacturere that uses a water based pigment printing system.  Poles are ONE PIECE, very important for safe, uninterrupted play.  We have chosen to not use the round dowel poles that are sourced from other countries and chemically kiln dried.  Our poles use locally sourced wood, cut and drilled in our own wood shop.  Truly handmade!  In addition, my sewing studio is dedicated as a work space only.  I do not have customers or foot traffic here, so you can rest assured your teepee is touched by as few hands as possible while it is being made and shipped (many thanks to USPS and UPS for their awesome, no contact pick up servies, as well!).

My award winning playhouses are truly an heirloom gift.  They are only available at select times of the year, so please be sure to purchase them when they are available.

The Playhouse Kid has been featured, among others, on the Today Show, Babble, Canadian Family Magazine, Simplicity Pattern Catalogs, Fashion Fusion Magazine, as well countless blogs.


 This teepee can be found HERE

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