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Your Safety Town Program will be the talk of the town with these large and welcoming houses, specially handmade for Safety Town Programs. These lightweight houses come in many different themes and colors, and fit neatly over PVC frames that are easily assembled, disassembled and stored.  Each house is 43" wide by 56" long by 63" tall at the tallest point.  

We have made Safety Town houses for many programs around the country, and  references can be provided upon request.  You can also see our well established playhouse and teepee shops on Etsy: and  Read our outstanding feedback there!

These playhouses are available in any playhouse theme you see at, and more!  Use your imagination to create your own, personalized Safety Town city!  Ask local businesses to donate a house, and we can add a personalized sign to the playhouse that names the donor business.  Choose bright colors and a wide variety of themes. Order gradually, or all at once!  At The Playhouse Kid, we are open to new design ideas.  Does your local garden center want to donate a house to your program?  How about a garden themed house?  You dream it, we will create it!


These adorable houses are handmade in the USA!  All decorations are traced and cut out by hand, then fused to the playhouse walls for a permanent bond that is guaranteed for the life of the playhouse.  Prices start at $325 for a cottage style house, which is decorated on all four sides, and $350-$380 for the houses with themes (i.e., Fire Station, School, Police Station, etc.).  This cost includes one sign above the door.  There is a $20 extra charge for donor business signs (i.e.: "Donated by Miller Garden Center").

The PVC frames for the playhouses are not included, but a complete supply list and instructions with photos for building the frames are included with your purchase.  The frames are VERY easy to make and take only about 10 minutes to assemble.  We can supply the corner joints for constructing the frame at cost, if necessary, but the poles are too heavy to be shipped economically.  You would be responsible for purchasing/cutting the PVC to the correct lengths and for purchasing the corner joints, if you do not purchase them through The Playhouse Kid.

The playhouses are shipped with insurance and delivery confirmation via USPS Priority Mail.  Construction time for your Safety Town houses can take up to 12 weeks, depending on when the houses are purchased and how full our sewing calendar is.  Shipping is about $25 per playhouse, depending on your location.  When you contact us for a quote on making houses for you, please provide the shipping destination zip code so the quote can include the exact shipping costs.

Storing these houses is easy!  We suggest either storing them individually in large Rubbermaid type bins or, even better, if you have a large storage area, you can fold them loosely,stack them laying flat on a large table, and cover them with a white cotton sheet. 

If you are interested in purchasing Safety Town houses, please scroll down for the contact box, or email us at

Thank you for looking! 


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