Card Table Playhouse Pattern Deluxe Sewing Pattern, Tablecloth Playhouse Pattern, 40 Pages! Instant Download, As Seen on The Today Show

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Sewing pattern to make your own Card Table Playhouse! This Deluxe playhouse sewing pattern is easy, fun, and easily adaptable to any size table. Be creative! Make a wonderful table playhouse that will be loved and remembered for many years to come.

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***PLEASE NOTE: This card table playhouse pattern is the extensive, deluxe, ebook edition! It is significantly different from the Standard or Basic Card Table Playhouse Patterns. This pattern contains all of the instructions on how to make the playhouse itself, and also how to make my award winning interactive play pieces and the many applique patterns you see in the photos in this listing (plus more that are not pictured). It also includes the instructions to make my special playhouse storage bag! Instructions for making Super Size Playhouses (48" square) that fit a PVC frame are also included. The Standard Card Table Playhouse Pattern does NOT include these items.

A playhouse made using this pattern was seen on the Today Show! My Little Red Double Delight Playhouse (shown in the photos above) was featured in a Today Show "Cool Stuff for Kids" segment.

For a card table playhouse, you will need approximately 3-6 yards of felt (preferably polyester felt) to create the playhouse itself. (Exact amount depends on the width of the felt you purchase). Small yardages/pieces of additional felt for the decorations will be needed, as well. 1/2 yard of 44" wide cotton fabric creates the curtains. You will also need 3 yards of a double sided paper backed interfacing like Heat N Bond Lite or Wonder Under, and about 12" of Velcro. The only other items you will need are a pencil, iron, thread, scissors and a sewing machine. *NOTE: These yardages will vary if you are making larger sized table playhouses or a Super Size Playhouse. Please see pattern for details.

This pattern includes comprehensive instructions to make your own Double Delight Playhouse. The Double Delight Playhouse has all of the special features of the cottage style playhouses like the Bluebird Cottage, Little Red Playhouse, etc. Use this pattern to create your own one of a kind, heirloom playhouse! This pattern will teach you the basics of card table playhouse sewing and includes ALL the patterns you need to make the cottage style playhouses including: Flowers and window box, door, windows, light, pocket style mailbox, flower pot and flowers, address numbers, kittens, puppies, birds and birdhouse, fruits, tree, basket, and more! I also provide instructions on how to add curtains, how to make the mail for the mailbox, how to make the removable fruit for the tree, and how to create the special storage bag! Also included are sewing tips, applique techniques, tips for using fusible adhesive and for measuring your table so your playhouse fits perfectly. (Almost) all of my playhouse secrets are included! Unlimited help and advice, too!

Patterns will print out at the exact size I use to make my card table playhouses. You will have to tape the patterns for the tree together. A special extended section has been added for tips on sewing playhouses for larger sized tables, and for building a 48" square (but NOT peaked roof) PVC frame. Note: Some pattern pieces may need to be enlarged if you will be making the square PVC frame playhouse.

IMPORTANT: This pattern is an instant download after purchase! NO waiting!! At the end of the checkout process, you will automatically get the download link so you can immediately print this pattern at home.

ALSO IMPORTANT: This is a handmade pattern, which means that some of the instructions for easy rectangles (like those needed to cut the walls, roof, doors, etc.) are given in DIMENSIONS. There are no large paper pattern pieces besides the pieces needed for the tree. If you prefer paper patterns for easy shapes like rectangles, this is NOT the pattern for you.

Questions? You are welcome to contact me anytime! I love to chat, and I'd love to help you sew your own one-of-a-kind playhouse.

Please note: This pattern is copyrighted and is for personal use ONLY. Neither this pattern nor portions of this pattern may be used to create playhouses for sale. This pattern contains original artwork that is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on items of any type for sale. Please be aware that the purchase of this pattern represents a contractual agreement that you will not use this pattern, or any portion of this pattern, to make your own playhouses for sale.

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