Indoor Fabric Playhouse Peaked Roof Sewing Pattern

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Check out this awesome indoor fabric playhouse sewing pattern!

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Please read this Playhouse Pattern description carefully before you make your purchase!

This pattern will teach you how to make your very own, one of a kind, felt playhouse that fits over an easy to build, portable, PVC frame.

When completed, your playhouse will be 43" wide by 53" long by 63" high. You will need 72" wide felt  to complete this playhouse. Many fabric stores carry 72" wide felt, and it is also available online.

Included in this pattern are the following:

PVC frame instructions and supplies list

Fabric and sewing supplies list

Extensive instructions, including pictures and diagrams, on how to cut, sew and assemble your fabric playhouse including the door, windows with curtains and scalloped roof.

Also included are the following appliques and instructions used to create designs on the playhouse: 2 different types of door windows. Doorknob. 2 mailbox types, pocket style mailbox and standing, farm style mailbox.  Windows, shutters, and instructions for making curtains. Stars for roof. Bonus applique patterns: Flower pot, 2 sizes of flowers, flower centers and leaves.  Address numbers. Birds, birdhouse and owl. Kitty. Puppy. Watering can. Tulip. Dragonfly and butterfly. Rooster for top of mail box!

Please note: This pattern DOES NOT INCLUDE the pattern for the tree or the bushes! You can draw your own tree or bushes or use other ideas for those sections shown in the photos. If you are interested, I can send you the card table playhouse sized patterns for the tree and bushes and you can enlarge those as you see fit to create the larger sized bushes and tree for this playhouse.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please be aware that this pattern requires PVC poles and corner joints that may be difficult to find outside the US.

Please note: This pattern is copyrighted and is for personal use ONLY. Neither this pattern nor portions of this pattern may be used to create playhouses for sale. This pattern contains original artwork that is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on items of any type for sale. Please be aware that the purchase of this pattern represents a contractual agreement that you will not use this pattern, or any portion of this pattern, to make your own playhouses for sale. Thank you for respecting my rights.


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