Kids Play Tent Gray and White Wide Stripe Teepee

$ 140.00

Kids play teepee tent in a beautiful light gray and white. 

This teepee is has deep 8" wide gray stripes and white stripes.

This teepee has full pole pockets to enclose the poles inside and help to keep the teepee sturdy and stable. It has a WIDER base than most children's teepees. The base measurements are 50" wide by 50" deep. The fabric height at the tallest point is 52". This teepee is 5 feet tall when it is set up. The 6 foot poles are included.

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Although this teepee is suitable for outdoor use, it should be kept in a shady spot and should be brought indoors during windy or rainy weather, and overnight.

Materials: 100% cotton home decor fabric, natural wooden poles, buttons

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