Delight your children with this Farm Stand Card Table Playhouse!  This playhouse helps teach your children about the chain of food from the farm to the table, and the benefits of growing and eating good, healthy food.

This is one of the most interactive playhouses, with many different, interactive fruits and vegetables. It includes the following:
1. Farm style mailbox and 4 "letters".
2. Apple tree with 6 removable apples.
3. Working garden with 2 carrots, 2 turnips, 2 onions, 2 radish bunches, 3 tomatoes and lettuce!
4. Working, roll up window shade*, basket, barrel and box.
5. Storage bag! Fold your playhouse up and it stores neatly in a bag that is 14" square by 6" thick.

When checking out, please use the first drop down menu to choose  your table size. Please be sure to measure your table carefully! Round UP for 1/2" increments. These playhouses are much cuter when they fit your table exactly.

Please use the second drop down menu to choose the adhesive or sewn method of making your playhouse. The adhesive method is as effective as sewing, and it is guaranteed for the life of the playhouse. Some aspects of the playhouse will still be sewn (for instance, the door and mailbox) but all other decorations will be affixed using a non-toxic permanent adhesive. Or, choose the sewn method. The removable pieces are included with both options, of course!

Please note that these playhouses are custom orders that are made upon purchase.  For current construction time, please see our FAQs by clicking here.

 Materials: 100% High Quality Polyester Felt, Interfacing, Velcro

*curtain fabric may vary from what is shown in photo based on availability.  The color scheme will remain the same.

 This product and similar card table playhouses can also be seen in my Etsy shops: The Playhouse Kid and Tip Top Teepee Shop

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