Card Table Playhouse Pirate Adventure, Ready to Ship, Fits 34" Card Table

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Pirate Adventure Card Table Playhouse.  This playhouse is great for any child who loves pirates, adventure, and the prospect of hidden treasure on the high seas!

This playhouse comes with four letters for the pirate mailbox and a storage bag so you can fold up the playhouse and put it away when it is not in use.

 Also, have a look in our Play Toys section for more fun accessories to add to the Pirating Adventures!

 Materials: 100% High Quality Polyester Felt, Interfacing, Velcro

When checking out, please use the first drop down menu to choose  your table size. Please be sure to measure your table carefully! Round UP for 1/2" increments. These playhouses are much cuter when they fit your table exactly.

Please use the second drop down menu to choose the adhesive or sewn method of making your playhouse. The adhesive method is as effective as sewing, and it is guaranteed for the life of the playhouse. Some aspects of the playhouse will still be sewn (for instance, the door and mailbox) but all other decorations will be affixed using a non-toxic permanent adhesive. Or, choose the sewn method. The removable pieces are included with both options, of course!

This playhouse is a custom order that is made upon purchase.  For details on current construction time for card table playhouses, please see our FAQs section here.

You can see my playhouses and teepee on Etsy, too!  Visit The Playhouse Kid and Tip Top Teepee Shop

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