XL or XXL Friendship Teepee, Two Huge Sizes

$ 190.00

Here's a huge canvas teepee tents for kids and adults! Perfect for parties, weddings, large playrooms, more kids, more fun, more adventures! Perfect for kids AND adults!!

This teepee has brown crossed arrows over the doorway.  NOTE:  This teepee has TRADITIONAL TIE BACKS in brown twill.  The brown velcro ties shown in these photos are NOT available in the XL and XXL size teepees.

This teepee is available in two huge sizes. Please read this description carefully so you understand how HUGE these teepees are!

These teepees are currently custom orders made upon purchase. Your teepee will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of purchase.  Shipping will take an additional 2-7 business days, depending on your location.  Shipping is via FedEx or UPS ONLY.

The XL teepee size is as follows:
Base is 60" square.
Center fabric height is 70". (height inside teepee from floor to the top of fabric in the exact center)
The teepee is 7 feet tall including the poles when it is set up for play
The poles are 8 feet long.

The XXL teepee size is as follows.
Base is 64" square.
Center fabric height is 75". (This is the height inside teepee from floor to the top of fabric in the exact center)
The teepee is 7'6" tall when it is set up for play.

Having a hard time deciding on the best size for you? In my opinion, the XL teepee is ideal for several kids, or two adults, and is suitable for a large indoor play room, bedroom or living room. The XXL teepee is more suitable for a big party, wedding, etc., than it is for a standard play room or bedroom.

These teeepees are available a window!

Please note that these two teepees are VERY LARGE. If you have a standard home with 8 foot ceilings, the poles will touch the ceiling when the teepee is folded up. If you want an XL or XXL teepee with slightly shorter poles, please contact me BEFORE you make your purchase.

These teepees are available with matching natural canvas mats.  Use the drop down menus to choose your teepee size and if you would like a window in your teepee.

Please use the first drop down menu to choose your teepee size, and if you would like it with or without a window.

Please use the second drop down menu to choose your teepee with or without a matching natural canvas mat.

Poles are 8 feet long and are all natural wood that is sourced in the USA, and cut and drilled in our own wood shop.

Holes are drilled at the base for staking this teepee outside. Although this teepee is very durable and heavy, and can be used outside, it should be brought indoors overnight and during windy, rainy or damp weather.

This teeepee is shipped via FedEx Ground ONLY. Please be sure you can receive packages at your location via FedEx before you make your purchase. This teepee may take up to 7 business days to arrive. If you have questions about shipping times, please contact me before you make your purchase.

This teepee is shipped FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready for play. No assembly required. Note that this will arrive in a VERY LARGE BOX, so it is very noticeable. Please be sure to watch your tracking number so you know when your teepee will arrive.

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